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If Ethical AI Ruled the World, Imagine That

Join me for a dynamic discussion tailored to AI leaders seeking to gain essential tools and insights to make informed decisions that shape the future of AI in your organizations. From ethical considerations to strategic implementation, this talk equips you with the knowledge to lead confidently in the era of artificial intelligence. Attendees walked away with: 

  • Effective strategies for debunking AI myths and misconceptions
  • Key insights for implementing ethical AI and governance
  • Practical tips for including diverse voices in AI decision-making
  • Comprehensive understanding of the ROI and competitive advantages of responsible AI practices
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Stats on stats

Lighting Interview

Sat down with Stats on Stats Podcasts hosts, Tiffiny and Jordyn, at the ChatBlackGPT Launch Event for a Lightning Interview where I shared how the benefits of the tools and how I prepared for the panel.
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ChatBlackGPT Launch Event

ChatBlackGPT launched on Juneteenth 2024! Founder and CEO Erin Reddick hosted a memorable evening celebrating the theme of “Tech for Good, AI, and Entrepreneurship”. The experience included demonstrations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities as we explore the future of inclusive technology with innovators, experts and community leaders. Esteemed panelist included Gavriel Legynd, Ph.D, Founder of VisioneerIT, Eric Brown, Jr., Founder of ELVTE Coaching and Consulting, and E Veal, Responsible AI Advocate.
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Robots and Red Tape: AI and the Federal Government

What is Responsible AI with E Veal

In this episode, host Nick Schutt and E Veal delve into the critical topic of Responsible AI. We’ll dissect what it means to develop and utilize AI ethically, ensuring it serves society for the better. This conversation will explore key principles like fairness, transparency, and accountability, crucial for building trust in this powerful technology.

Artemis Human Capital Management

Responsible AI

Watch as E Veal has an insightful interview with Nick Schutt to discuss Responsible AI. With artificial intelligence rapidly advancing, how do we ensure these powerful technologies are developed and deployed ethically? E Veal shares key principles like transparency into AI systems’ decision-making processes and the data powering them. As AI transforms industries, implementing proactive responsibility practices becomes crucial for building public trust. Don’t miss this critical conversation on shaping the future of ethical AI.

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Kennesaw State University

AI + Bioethics

E Veal and Ichesia Veal explore the bioethical complexities surrounding artificial intelligence in healthcare and biotech with Kennesaw State University students. Delve into AI’s cost-benefits, environmental impacts, and efficiency gains, while probing the opportunities and resources it could divert. Examine data privacy concerns, the perpetuation of bias in AI health models, and the crucial need to align advanced AI with human values. During their  presentation they address governance frameworks for the ethical development of transformative AI technologies. 

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Think outside the Bluebox

The A.I. Data Frontier: The E. Veal Episode

In this episode, host Anthony Rivera engages with data activist E. Veal in a thought-provoking discussion on the impact of data in our lives, the intricacies of artificial intelligence, and the importance of data diversity and AI ethics. Veal, with her rich background in AI, sheds light on the dual nature of data as both a tool for progress and a potential source of bias, emphasizing the need for ethical considerations in AI development and the critical role of diversity in shaping a more inclusive technological future.

Stats on stats

Data Diversity and A.I. with Dr E Veal "Erica Veal"

Join Jordyn & Tiffiny in episode 2 of Stats on Stats as they explore Erica Veal’s remarkable transition from geometry teacher to tech expert. Delve into her insights on AI, diversity in tech, and breaking industry barriers.

Cribl (Nov 2023)

Each quarter, Cribl employees select 5 of their peers who they deem exemplify the company’s five values: Customers First, Always; Irreverent, but Serious; Curious; Transparent; and Together. E Veal was delighted to learn her fellow Criblianians selected her as the employee who is Irreverent, but Serious


AWS Summit in Washington, D.C. is an event that provides valuable insights for businesses seeking to leverage the cloud to boost their efficiency and competitiveness. E. Veal was fortunate enough to attend this event, and this post highlights some of the key takeaways from the summit, including the how Cribl’s ecosystem supports EO 14028 and M-21-31!

S1E12: Medical Minute - Maternal Health
S1E12: Medical Minute - Maternal Health
In this episode, Kim and Erica discuss maternal health.
May 31, 2023
S1E11: The Kids Perspective
S1E11: The Kids Perspective
Erica & Kim quiz Kim's children on how much they know their mommy. Special Guests: Kid #1 & Kid #3 ...
May 24, 2023
S1E10: The Journey to Auntiehood
S1E10: The Journey to Auntiehood
In this episode, Erica & Kim walk through the journey of auntiehood.
May 17, 2023
15 Minutes of Fame with Kevon
15 Minutes of Fame with Kevon
15 Minutes of Fame with Ichesia
May 10, 2023
S1E9: The Mom Experience
S1E9: The Mom Experience
In this episode, Erica asked Kim about her motherhood experience and they highlighted two Black women who are advo...
May 03, 2023

Ladies of Leisure

Sh!t, Now What - Erica Veal

Guest Erica Veal and her book “Sh!t Now What” guest on Ladies of Leisure this week! The Ladies discuss Honda Civics as first cars, succeeding in math at college, explaining periods honestly, being a black female at work with mostly men, writing and publishing an amazing book and what does winning at life look like.

Ladies of Leisure

"Give Me My Coins" - Knowing and Asking for your Worth with E. Veal

Author E Veal discusses the wage gap and how to know and ask for your personal and professional worth. This topic, among many others, is also discussed in her brand new book, “Sh!t, Now What? Becoming A New Adult. 

  • We are the Champions, my friends

    We are the Champions, my friends

    Let’s not kid ourselves. The corporate world wasn’t designed with marginalized groups in mind. It’s still a playground for the privileged. We have been conditioned to believe the corporate world is a zero-sum game, and promoting diversity and inclusion somehow diminishes the opportunities for non-marginalized groups. The truth is more...
  • Ally or Actor?

    Ally or Actor?

    In today's social climate, being an "ally" has become a medal of honor that many wear to profess their alignment with the fight for equity, equality, and justice. Unfortunately, when the mask is removed, the facade of allyship reveals a darker truth: performative activism. Performative activism is the act of...
  • Maturing from Mediocre to Magnificent

    Maturing from Mediocre to Magnificent

    Executive sponsors play a pivotal role in ERGs. Honestly, their influence can make or break the success of an ERG! As the ERG evolves, so must the involvement and influence of the Executive Sponsor. Let’s jump into how they can make a transformative impact as you transition through each stage...
  • ERG: Maturity Development Stage

    ERG: Maturity Development Stage

    In the final stage of the ERG Maturity Model, everything is running like clockwork. Processes are automated. Advanced metrics are tracked. At this level, the ERG is straight-up embedded into the organization's DNA rather than feeling like some random social group. We're talking direct lines into impacting core business priorities,...
  • ERG: Late Development Stage

    Ah, shucks now! You are cooking with fire! Not only do you have processes in place, but you are tracking KPIs, balancing your budget, and seeing consistent participation. This is a stage only an elite few have actually reached, so kudos to you for achieving a major milestone! I mean......

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©2023 E Veal LLC | All Rights Reserved