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E Veal is an emerging voice in the responsible development and deployment of artificial intelligence technologies. She spearheads initiatives to build robust governance frameworks that promote transparency, fairness, privacy, and accountability with AI systems—her work intersections technology, policy, and social impact. E Veal has been at the forefront of efforts to mitigate AI bias and risks while unlocking its benefits for society. She collaborates with multi-stakeholder groups to develop best practices like algorithmic auditing, ethical AI principles, and external oversight mechanisms. Her insights have guided organizations in implementing human-centered AI solutions that are interpretable, continuously monitored, and aligned with human values and rights.

E Veal is doing good! 

She is also the author of Sh!t, Now What: Becoming a New Adult, a humorous blueprint of the issues and topics that she learned on her own as she navigated adulthood.

My views are mine alone.

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Becoming a New Adult

ERG: Maturity Development Stage

In the final stage of the ERG Maturity Model, everything is running like clockwork. Processes are automated. Advanced metrics are...
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ERG: Late Development Stage

Ah, shucks now! You are cooking with fire! Not only do you have processes in place, but you are tracking...
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ERG: Mid Development Stage

You've arrived! It's been an arduous road, but you finally are at a point where the team is in a...
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ERG: Early Development Stage

Now that your ERG has determined its purpose, identified its people, and evaluated its potential, it's time to give your...
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ERG: Initial Development Stage

Starting an ERG may just be getting a few folks together who share the same story. Your initial stage may...
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Where are you in your ERG journey?

Building an ERG is a journey not a destination! Building an Employee Resource Group can be overwhelming when you first...
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Values In Practice (VIP) Award

Each quarter, Cribl employees select 5 of their peers who they deem exemplify the company’s five values: Customers First, Always; Irreverent,...
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Critiquing Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities

According to the ADA, a person with a disability is broadly defined as an individual with physical or mental conditions...
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Business Case for DEI

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) have become more than just buzzwords in organizations lately. DEI has gained prominence in organizations...
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Workplace Discrimination

Sexual orientation discrimination has been a long-standing issue, but it was not a protected category in the original Civil Rights...
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Designing a DEI Program

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are crucial components for promoting innovation, luring top talent, boosting employee engagement, and supporting organizational...
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Characteristics of Effective Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Programs

Since the social unrest of 2020, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) have become trending topics in organizations across America. Many...
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Combating Racism & Social Stigma

This presentation provides insight into the importance of confronting racism in the workplace. We look the biological definition of race,...
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Coaching Teams

​Coaching teams helps teams achieve a common purpose while developing team culture and building team productivity. Tuckman (1965) proposed a group development model with four stages commonly known...
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Building Cultural Intelligence

Earley and Mosakowski (2004) described cultural intelligence as the evolution of emotional intelligence (EQ). How leaders adapt to interactions across diverse cultures reflects their cultural intelligence (CI). This...
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Training a Leader to be a Coach

Organizational change can include several initiatives, such as defining new markets, reorganizing organizational structure, or restructuring how teams work together (Rock & Donde, 2008b). This organizational...
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EQ Test Comparison

People differ in how they are adept at understanding the emotions of themselves and others. This variance in capacity is known as emotional intelligence. It is the ability to perceive, control and...
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EQ and Coaching

Traditionally, leadership roles were seen as a position whose underpinning was power and authority. This command-and-control style of leadership communicated...
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Philanthropy and Social Responsibility

Initially, the concept of corporate social responsibility is arguably a voluntary ideology that corporations are obligated to fulfill. However, there...
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Diversity Case Study Analysis

Each organization and corporation must abide by legal practices. However, it is not required for those same organizations and corporations...
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Corporate Social Responsibility

In 1971, the Committee for Economic Development published a statement on the social responsibilities of business corporations (Committee for Economic...
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Barriers To Ethical Judgment and Moral Leadership

Business leaders often face ethical and moral dilemmas. They are constantly under pressure to make decisions that could lead to...
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Why Do People Bend the Rules?

Well-intentioned individuals often break the rules. Breaking the rules provides a cheater's high and freedom from rules (Pincott, 2014). For...
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Leadership in Action

Corporations are starting to find benefits to growing their customer base transnationally. These benefits include increased revenue and visibility. As...
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Cultural Intelligence

Earley and Mosakowski (2004) introduced a program to cultivate cultural intelligence in managers who build cross-cultural relationships. The program comprised...
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The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Motivating Employees

Frederick Herzberg researched diverse ways to encourage employees to complete tasks (2003). An organization’s goal is to get employees to...
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My views are mine alone and do not represent the opinions of any organization or group that I may be affiliated with. It is important to note that my views are subject to change as I continue to learn and grow. 

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