Building an ERG is a journey not a destination!

Building an Employee Resource Group can be overwhelming when you first start, especially if you are a new ERG in a company with already established ERGs. You think you need to be at the same level as them. I’m here to ease your mind; you absolutely are not expected to perform at the same level as other mature ERGs.

Check out the ERG Movement Model to find where you are in your journey!

​Coaching teams helps teams achieve a common purpose while developing team culture and building team productivity. Tuckman (1965) proposed a group development model with four stages commonly known as Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing. This model describes a linear group development process. This paper will describe coaching a team regarding Tuckman’s group development stages. …

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Organizational change can include several initiatives, such as defining new markets, reorganizing organizational structure, or restructuring how teams work together (Rock & Donde, 2008b). This organizational change requires leaders to be empowered with the tools to shift the corporate culture to a coaching culture. A coaching culture can transform performance quality …

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