Maturing from Mediocre to Magnificent

Maturing from Mediocre to Magnificent

Executive sponsors play a pivotal role in ERGs. Honestly, their influence can make or break the success of an ERG!

As the ERG evolves, so must the involvement and influence of the Executive Sponsor. Let’s jump into how they can make a transformative impact as you transition through each stage of the ERG Maturity Model.

Starting Strong: The Initial Stage

At the beginning of the ERG journey, the Executive Sponsor’s primary role is to offer visible support, helping to establish the ERG’s credibility and removing any blockers that may arise. By attending initial membership meetings, lead meetings, speaking at high-visibility events, and encouraging participation, they help set the tone for what’s to come.

Building Momentum: The Early Stage

As the ERG gains traction, Executive Sponsors shift from cheerleaders to strategic partners. They start leveraging their networks to secure resources and funding, ensuring the ERG can execute its initiatives effectively. Sponsors facilitate connections with key stakeholders, helping the ERG to align its goals with broader organizational objectives.

Leading by Example: The Mid Stage

In the advanced stages of ERG maturity, Executive Sponsors become change agents. They work closely with ERG leaders to integrate the group’s initiatives into the company’s core business strategies. Their role is to advocate for policy changes and champion diversity and inclusion at the highest levels. They should mentor ERG leaders, fostering the next generation of diverse talent within the organization.

Reaching Excellence: The Late Stage

At the pinnacle of the ERG Maturity Model, Executive Sponsors are not just supporters; they are visionaries. They ensure the ERG’s impact is sustained by embedding its principles into the corporate culture.

And beyond

Finally, rotating Executive Sponsors through different ERGs is crucial for sustained growth. This helps broaden their understanding of diverse issues, enhancing their effectiveness as leaders. It also fosters innovation by bringing fresh perspectives and ideas to each ERG.