ERG: Late Development Stage

Ah, shucks now! You are cooking with fire!

Not only do you have processes in place, but you are tracking KPIs, balancing your budget, and seeing consistent participation. This is a stage only an elite few have actually reached, so kudos to you for achieving a major milestone!

I mean… what else is there to do?? Amiright?!

A mature ERG has the company wholeheartedly investing in its programming and events to the point where leadership sees value in increasing the budget. These events are being attended not only by the membership but also by non-members. Tools are being leveraged to ensure the group’s success.

This stage implies that the executive sponsor has been a key driver in advocating for the ERG and fully supports and backs their initiatives. Teams across the company feel comfortable going to the ERG for advice on talent pool pipelines, marketing strategies, and company-wide initiatives.

Gone are the days when ERGs just plan events!