ERG: Mid Development Stage

ERG: Mid Development Stage

You’ve arrived! It’s been an arduous road, but you finally are at a point where the team is in a groove, and you know how to handle the ERG. Ya did it! Game over!

[don’t forget to insert record scratch]

As I used to say as a kid…”Sike!” (late 1900s humor)

At the Mid stage, the team should start thinking more strategically about the group. With the help of an executive sponsor, the group can start increasing its organizational support and resources from the company. Programs, events, and initiatives start to become more aligned with the mission and goals of the ERG.

Questions to help drive progress during the Mid stage:

  • What are the roles and responsibilities of the leaders?
  • What processes need to be created?
  • How does the group help grow the company?
  • How can the ERG bring value to the company?
  • How can you grow your membership?
  • What is the temperature of the membership?
  • How are your allies engaging?