ERG: Initial Development Stage

ERG: Initial Development Stage

Starting an ERG may just be getting a few folks together who share the same story. Your initial stage may just be a Slack channel that has grown bigger than you’d ever imagined. It may be a coffee break that turned into a coffee hour. However, you start your ERG, and it starts! At some point, you decided to make it official. But how, Sway?!

Every organization has its own method for making an ERG official. Some companies may have a DEI Officer who will help you pull together the right information, and in others, you may have to go to your CEO or CPO to make your claim. In any case, you should always have your business case ready.

Your business case doesn’t have to be complex. I suggest having the following the following 3 Ps :

  • What is the purpose of the ERG?
  • How many people are interested in the ERG?
  • What potential business value will it bring the company?

If you are thinking of converting your social group into an ERG, be prepared to lead that group. You don’t have to, but…if not you, who?